Plexi-Glass Safety Door for Safe and Comfortable Visiting

Our maintenance man Armando worked hard and fast building a see through door to make Winter visits from family and friends comfortable for family members.

This plexiglass door allows family members to enter a vacant apartment where they can be indoors, warm and dry while safely visiting their senior relative(s) who will be on the other side of the door. Everyone on both sides of this visiting door will be warm and dry indoors this Winter while visiting.


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Many other facilities don’t have something like this and so visitors must shiver in the rain and cold while visiting through an exterior Window, or they are allowed inside without this level of protection for seniors.

We wanted to make it comfortable for visitors in any weather and keep it fully safe for our seniors. This, along with our other safety measures have been working well. We recently tested everyone and all staff and residents still test negative for COVID.

With the cooperation of visitors we will continue to do everything possible to keep our staff and residents safe. The staff at Somerset Retirement Home and Assisted Living thanks all our wonderful visitors for your cooperation!


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