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Our goal at Somerset Retirement Home and Assisted Living is to provide the best senior living and assisted living in Longview WA.

We offer senior apartments for independent living and assisted living with 1, 2, or 3 meals daily in our elegant dining room. Each apartment has a full kitchen and breakfast bar for when you want to cook your meals. We have complimentary laundry machines on the 1st floor for residents who do their own laundry, and we offer full laundry service for residents who need help with laundry.

You may choose your senior apartment from studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom floor-plans. We offer a variety of senior living options; including independent living, assisted living with senior care services, and long-term care. Pay only for the services you need. We will accommodate your needs while helping you maintain your independence.

Dining at Somerset Assisted Living in Longview WA, Best senior living Longview WA

We know seniors are independent adults who like to be in control of your lives and make your own decisions. You’ve raised families, pursued careers, and worked hard for your future. You have lives full of experiences, knowledge, and memories. We want to help you enjoy retirement and assist you with your senior living options.

Make the move while you are young at heart and ready to join in fun and activities, have the energy and time to make new friends and participate in a rewarding senior community, and are able to go through your treasures and sell your house yourself. Many of our residents tell us they wish they had moved sooner.

Residents have fun at organized exercise activities 3 days a week, which include stretching, aerobics, light strength training, and coordination enhancing activities..We make exercising fun and entertaining by changing the workout regularly, and often by combining it with other fun senior activities and events.

You are invited to join in our activities and events. See our Activities and Events page for photos and videos of various senior activities, senior events, arts, crafts, live music, parties, and more.

We strive to provide you a senior retirement community with the best senior living in Longview WA. We look forward to meeting you and invite you for a tour. Please come visit us!


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